Meet Alexa Smith...

Alexa started her path using her gifts in metaphysics in 1982.

Advised by a friend/counselor whom also was also a practising psychic to read the book, “Three Magic Words”, by U.S. Anderson.

Things started to unfold slowly until the birth of her daughter in 1986. This seemed to create a shift into high gear for her.

Since that time, Alexa, who was guided to use her natural healing gifts by a Naturopath, began studying and training in earnest.


Wellness Practitioner in Albuquerque New Mexico

Moving from Texas to the North and now back again to reside in the Southwest, Alexa’s most ardent wish is to express her gifts for the benefit of all who seek it.

Alexa's Rates

Thursdays at Resonant Essentials - 3107 Eubank Blvd NE Suites 33 & 34 in Albuquerque



 $35 for 30 minutes

$65 for 60 minutes


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